We’ve all had the feeling that our chair wasn’t providing the best support. Either that or if you work in the trades, you may realize that your back has been feeling not the best due to the build up of tensions over time. Part of the answer to this dilemma lies in a Zero Gravity Chair. A Zero Gravity Chair Canada is the perfect tool as it has been designed to alleviate stress and pressure on your body. After careful reviews by me and my team, I will go through below my top picks of the year to get you on your way to a healthy mind and healthy body!

What are Zero Gravity Chairs?

Designed for NASA astronauts, these were initially made to help reduce load on the joints of astronauts during take off. They recline into this position so the change in the force of gravity does not cause damage to their body. In this position you sit in a 120 degree bend at the hips and your legs are elevated. Next, we will discuss the benefits of these chairs based on science and the experience of my clients.


AmazonBasics Outdoor Zero Gravity Lounge Folding Chair

zero gravity chair canada AmazonBasics

The first zero gravity chair canada I bought was by AmazonBasics. It comes with a powder-coated steel frame and is resistant to water and dust. In addition, it says its capacity is at the 300-pound mark and measures at 43×25.5×35.5″. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the support at the head and arm rest- with a soft and cushiony feel. My girlfriend was a fan of the easy folding mechanism and always keeps this around the pool when reading or sunbathing. There is a lever to stop you from reclining further but it can seem to be a bit rough to readjust. For a product by Amazon themselves at the $100 mark- You really can’t go wrong with this.


GoPlus Folding Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

Zero Gravity Chair Canada GoPlus

The second Zero Gravity Chair Canada that I have tried is the Folding Zero by GoPlus. With a capacity of 250lbs, this goes a step further from the others with an adjustable sun shady canopy. I was happy with the cup and magazine holder as it is a perfect compliment to the chair itself. I’ll be honest, this chair is very VERY comfortable. Being 6 ft tall, I sometimes struggle in chairs but this one did not bother me one bit. I also relied on the sun shield so I didn’t need a hat or sunglasses by my pool. Is a bit of a higher price point than the AmazonBasics worth it for the shady canopy and cup holder? Probably not. In addition, in the 150$+ price range, I would look for something that is stainless steel– Resulting in less rust build up over time.


Padded Zero Gravity Chair by Wayfair

Zero Gravity Chair Canada Wayfair

This chair by Wayfair was my first purchase of a Zero Gravity Chair Canada! I bought it for a house we built to use out on the Cabana and it still remains with me today! Made with high quality Steel by Wayfair, it supports a weight of upto 300 lbs. There was no assembly required- even the cushion was on and ready to use. I did notice however, that the arm did start to chip after we used it consistently for a year– Wayfair, however, are very well known for their customer service and are happy to discuss warranty claims. For a price within the 150$+ range it will come down to how comfortable you are with Wayfair vs Amazon as both offer a good quality product within their own name brand.


Purple Leaf Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair

Zero Gravity Chair Canada PurpleLeaf

This Purple Leaf Zero Gravity Chair Canada is one of my favourites. I bought this for a client from a basement gut last year and they still love it! It comes with a weather-resistant rattan material and supports up to 330 lbs. The steel frame feels smooth and very strong and feels very luxurious to see and even touch. One think I enjoyed about this chair was the anti-slip feel- Something that was lacking in some of the other zero gravity chair Canada that we tried. One thing I can criticize, however, is the locking mechanism. For as luxurious Purple Leaf is with their quality the locking position can be sticky. Should this deter you, however, from purchasing this for your Cabana or as a gift? Absolutely Not.


So Which one?!

Now comes the hard part, making a decision. I always tell people to do their own research. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these options as they have a lot of reviews on the respective marketplaces and well respected companies.

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