makeup vanity Canada in our clients home
make-up vanity Canada and mirror in my client’s home

This object seems to be one of the most delicate purchase for so many of my clients over the years. Think about it. This is where most women will spend their time getting ready and glam up. Being a beauty enthusiast I know how emotional this decision can be. This article will give you an idea into what my favourite makeup vanity’s are and help you find a great one for yourself!

Where to begin?

The first thing to remember is the space/ambiance you will be placing the makeup vanity in. Will it be in your powder room or in a tight space in the Master en-suite? Attempting to answer this will give you a good idea of the style and function of the piece. For this I suggest looking at the elements of design post.

What do I need for functionality of my makeup Vanity?

This is the second question you should answer before picking out a unit.

Think about:

Going over these will give you a good idea on what it is that you want so you can move on to probably the most important step- Do I have any additional requirements to cater to?

Additional Requirements for my makeup vanity

With regards to additional requirements I tell my clients ALL the time to think about what additional tools they intend to use.

A Quick note on Height of your makeup vanity

I wanted to make a quick note here as this is something I have seen clients not take into account when choosing a makeup vanity and that is the height to which they want it set. Now normally I recommend, along with any other vanity that it is set at 36″ from the floor. This allows ease of access for everybody regardless of their height and you are not hunching over when looking at the mirror.

in conclusion, this should provide some guidance on what to look out for before ordering that makeup vanity that you’ve had your eyes on for the last few months. I will also below be linking some of my favourite units!

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