Working in the construction world over the last 5 years, I have developed an eye for the shades of white that are most in demand by our clients. The one we will be looking at today is the Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. Here are a few examples of its use and the effect of its application on moulding work, panelling and walls.

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace Paint- Walls

When clients ask for an opinion from the various shades of white available in the market, I always ask if they are looking for a white that is clean. If they are looking for a white that is neither cold nor hot, the Chantilly Lace works very well! If the client wants something more cool, I may recommend Decorator’s White, which has a slight blue hue and is a good fit if you want your furniture to pop with the color. Chantilly Lace Paint, on the other hand, with its grey undertones, looks great on walls that you want a neutral vibe and to make a room look bright!

Chantilly Lace Paint- Trim

One thing that is important to note is that if you want to use this paint on the walls, it only makes sense to use it on any trims, window casing, etc. This is to ensure that the colour doesn’t pop too much and blends in nicely with the walls. Personally, I have found that Chantilly Lace paint works really well with window and door casings surrounded by lots of pot lights. This is because it brightens up the woodwork really well and gives a rich feel.

Application- MDF Panels

Yes, painting wood paneling can be very complicated. In my experience if the painter does not do a good job in sanding/caulking the woodwork well before its primed and painted, you are in for a tough time. This is what I was fearful of when the client’s designer asked for the MDF wood paneling to be sprayed with Chantilly Lace Paint. If the preparation work is not perfect you can see overspray marks and paint looks blotchy. I am happy to say, however, that the paint did not disappoint! Even with the paneling area filled with pot lights and natural light beaming through their Skylight, the panels were crisp and clean. It didn’t look creamy and complemented the Chantilly Lace shoe moulding and baseboard well.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace is a good fit for those looking for a neutral white and don’t want the bright look of the Decorators White. It works well on Trim, walls and moulding as well. Please not, however, that sampling different samples is important. Be sure to ask the painter to bring in samples and make a wall of different choices and bring in any color palettes you have for the project/space. Be sure to also check out our guide on types of paint to use.

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