If you’re anything like me, you understand the important of constantly learning. Even though COVID has took some wind from our sails, there are a lot of interior design programs out there to get us to the next level. Read below to get an understanding of what is out there!

CIDA Accreditation

It is very important to first point that the programs we will go over are all accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA). Think of them as a body that sets the standards within the industry and has a say in course content. Programs that offer this accreditation with their degree will have put you through rigorous standards and will have you ready for the real world! I have met so many professionals and most will NOT hire anyone without having completed some sort of accredited degree/program!

Yorkville University- Bachelor of Interior Design

Available on-campus or online, this 3-year program helps teach you to apply creative and technical skills while complementing that with the latest technical innovations. Their intakes are in January, April/July or October and has helped people I know work in a range of design environments from Hospital, Residential, Retail Design to Lighting and Institutional such as commercial properties.

Sheridan College- Honours Bachelor of Interior Design

This 4-year program is the most popular amongst my friends in the industry as it has a 4-month Co-op placement for work experience. The program provides a hands on approach to even the most technical parts of the job- such as AUTOCAD, Sketchup and Revit. Combine that with courses on Ontario Building Code (OBC- MY FAVORITE!) and Colour theory- and you will be well prepped for work! The school also claims their job placement rates are in the 70% range.

Ryerson University- Bachelors in Interior Design (BID)

Part of the Ryerson School of Interior Design (RSID), this 4-year program combines technology, the history of design and design dynamics to provide a solid foundation for the industry. The reason I like this program is their job placement rates statistics are as recent as 2019, indicating a 85% students being employed in interior design or a related profession. In addition, te program required a 400 hour internship is completed prior to graduation- during which the job placement is 100%.

Algonquin College- Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours) (Co-op)

Another 4-year program with a mandatory co-op term, this program focuses on viewing interior design from an environmental and global perspective- something we need to focus more in as global warming wrecks havoc in the world. Looking at the course content, the program values being able to be a critical and creative thinker while being able to collaborate with others and ultimately being socially responsible.

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