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A humidity Meter Canada on our Project

The best Humidity Meters in Canada? We’ve all heard of them but sometimes think it’s too complicated or technical, but it shouldn’t be!

Picture this… Hardwood is left somewhere exposed to the frigid temperatures/heat over a season or few months. Before you know it, it swells up or dries the wood out and now cannot be installed. Or you move into your new home right before Christmas but before you know it your daughters eczema is back with a vengeance.

How do you prevent these from happening? Vigilance would be most important but even more so would be a humidity meter. This post will guide you through what to look for and how to maximize its use to live a more comfortable, sustainable and cost-effective life in your new home!

Humidity: What is it?

Let’s keep it simple. Humidity is the amount of water vapour in your air. These two are broken down into 2 terms

Absolute Humidity– ACTUAL water vapour in a specific volume

Relative Humidity— Measured as the ratio of moisture in air vs what the air can hold.

Humidity: So Why is it important look for the Best Humidity Meter Canada?


Construction Materials

Best Humidity Meter Canada: How it works

We now have an understanding as to why humidity control is important. We can now understand how the best humidity monitors Canada works. I will be using a digital humidity meter as an example here as they are inexpensive, compact and accurate enough to give you an idea about your home climate.

These units have a sensor that monitors moisture levels changes on an electric current. They will in some cases also indicate the air comfort and encourage you to stay within the correct temperature anf humidity range to ensure you and your home are healthy.

You can easily mount these on a wall with a level and some even come with a 3M adhesive on the back if required.

Some things to note:

Now that we have discussed why the best humidity Meter Canada are important lets go over the ideal humidity ranges for your home- depending on your Materials

why flooring needs best humidity Meter Canada, to avoid swelling and shrinkage
A floor showing signs of cupping because of high humidity
This shows why a humidity Meter canada is needed to avoid cracking on trimwork
A cracked window jamb extension, showing the effect of too low humidity in a project and shrinkage

A few of the best humidity meters Canada I’ve tried..

ThermoPro TP49-B Mini Hygrometer Thermometer



Govee Hygrometer Thermometer



In Conclusion..

I hope this gave you readers a good understanding of how the best humidity Meter canada can play a huge role in general wellbeing. Please make sure to ask your contractor/supplier on their recommended ranges of humidity required for their product/services. They will provide you with a care package/manual with all these details.

Again, like always, I recommend YOU to do your own research into what devices work best and what you find is the ideal temperature you want your house to be at– dependant on your climate. I live in Toronto where we have short but brutal bursts of snow and cold and a very wet spring.

Feel free to check out the Humidity Meter/thermostat combinations available above at Amazon.

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