So you move into your new home and at the first sight of the bathroom you let off a gasp. The silicone caulking is peeling off the rim of the toilet as well as around the shower handle. Fear not, this article will guide you on how to remove silicone caulking easily and in 5 simple steps!

how to remove silicone caulking with a putty knife
Showing how to angle putty knife to remove silicone caulking

What is Silicone Caulking? 

Think of it as a gel-like material that helps seal gaps in various parts of the house. It is applied by using a caulking gain. The one I will refer to on this article is what we use more here in Canada because of our climate- silicone based caulking (local tradesman refer to this as DAP). This sealant keeps away water and debris and can be used on the exterior or interior of your home and can help your finish look more aesthetically pleasing.

Interior use may include:

Outside use may include:

So… How to remove Silicone Caulking?

1. Try to weaken/soften the caulk with a Caulk Remover– I recommend this one by Goo Gone. Simply spray lightly onto the caulked surface. I recommend letting the material sit on the caulking between 3-4 hours as it just loosens the material with time. 

2. Once the caulk remover has had time to settle onto the surface use a putty/utility knife to slice through the caulk. I would recommend slicing at it diagonally to avoid any damage to the surface. You should be able to get a good amount of the caulk out with this method.

3. There will always be a bit of residue left but you can use even a small toothbrush or straight edge to take out the rest. Another way I have seen contractors remove stubborn caulking is by applying a hair dryer AT THE LOWEST SETTING. 

4. Please make sure you remove the mineral residue! If you dampen a sponge with mineral spirits it should be able to remove any residue with ease. As always please make sure you handle the sponge with gloves as it can irritate your skin

5. For the fifth step, PLEASE MAKE SURE you don’t just figure out how to remove silicone caulking. PLEASE use a caulking gun to re-caulk before using the area. You do not want to leave the caulking exposed as I have seen bad situations where water has crept into the crevice and caused mold/rotting on studs/drywall- resulting in an expensive repair!

My Favourite Caulking

I’ve tried various brands through the years when figuring out how to remove silicone caulking. I even brought some back to Canada from the U.S but my favourite seems to be the Silicone Max & Silicone Plus by DAP.

how to remove silicone caulking DAP Silicone Max
Silicone Max by DAP©

Benefits of Silicone Max

how to remove silicone caulking DAP Silicone Plus
Silicone Plus by DAP©

Benefits of Silicone Plus

So what now?

I hope these 5 easy to follow steps have given you the confidence on how to remove silicone caulking. As always, feel free to message me on here on reach me on instagram and I am happy to help 🙂

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