Sigh. Its overwhelming enough today to find the right partner so finding the right interior designer firms Toronto area is no walk in the park either! But fear not, this 6-step guide is designed to guide you step by step with making one of the most important decisions in your build.

1. Hone in on your Style/Taste

Before contacting potential GTA interior designers it is imperative that you know what type of style you are looking for. When the client gives us a mood/tone to work with it makes the process that much smoother.

You don’t have to have a preferred colour pallet for each space but if you approach a firm with inspiration photos and a preferred style (modern, traditional, transitional, etc.), you are then ready to go into more detail with the scope.

2. Come to your interior design firms Toronto with a defined scope of work and budget

This is very important as the designer wants to know what type of budget they have to work with and clients can send architectural drawings/dimensions to make sure it is defined from the start- leaving little room for error, miscommunication and an inflated budget.

Price-wise, an average interior design firm Toronto will charge between 35-50$/sqft. Be sure to ask them about their hourly rate for additional work and fee structure.

Furthermore, a designer needs to make it clear what their project-management style is like to any customer. A customer should always look to ask questions such as the following:

3. ALWAYS ask for a portfolio

In today’s world of social media it is very easy to make another persons work look like your own. Always be sure to ask for a portfolio of work as well as any references- preferably with some work done locally.

With one of our recent clients, we were able to have them do a walkthrough at one of the projects in Lorne Park in Mississauga. Although it may be difficult to make it work logistically- it NEVER hurts to ask!

4. Understand your role as a client

With COVID-19 supply chains have been put under increased pressure- resulting in long lead times for materials and delays in work. Therefore it is imperative that estimates, invoices and emails are answered in a prompt manner.

Furthermore, the client has to understand their first role is exactly that-being a client. You are hiring the best so its only fair they be given the freedom to do their job as professionals. You will always get the chance to provide feedback on whether you like materials/colours.

5. Ask your interior design firms Toronto ALOT of questions!

You are encouraged to be curious. The client always has the right to ask questions about the teams approach and the earlier the better! A few questions you may wish to ask:

6. Never feel obliged to go with the first designer you meet

Do not let GTA interior designers influence you to rush into a decision because they have a deadline and “have already taken on other work”. There are plenty of interior designers within the Greater Toronto Area that you may be a fit with. Take your time because you owe it to yourself to do some extensive research before making one of the most emotional decisions of your life.

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