Q: We are doing a total gut of our home and want to change the look of our bathroom. What paint should we use? Also, how will it hold up with any moisture build up from our new steam shower unit?

A: I love this question! The reason being it shows how much we are starting to pay attention to what kind of pain goes where and how certain elements such as moisture can affect the paint.

Start off with the base

Regardless of the type of project I do, I make sure that the basic building blocks are there to support the foundation. In this regard I go out of my way to make sure that any walls in the bathrooms are not your regular 1/2″ drywall. I always go for 1/2″ or 5/8″ blue drywall (mold-resistant). Many clients are fitting in expensive steam shower units and saunas and even though that is not the norm, it is not worth the risk with any form of moisture. Please not this is not to be used in showers- you want a more durable material such as a Cement Board backing.

Black Mold and Mildew Infestation Indoors

Not to prime is a crime

These are famous words from my favourite youtube guru but it applies here just as well. Please make sure you prime all your bathroom walls with a moisture resistant primer. Although its not as widely available here, I have had a good experience with the Kilz Kitchen + Bathroom Interior Primer.

Picking the right paint for YOUR bathroom

Ultimately, the texture of paint comes down to your designer or personal preference. The two I use most on my job sites is the Aura bathroom Matte or the Regal Pearl. They have have a protectant built into the formula- guarding against excessive moisture and mildew growth. Although it is a bit pricier (90$ CAD/gallon vs 73$), the reason I would pick the Aura Matte is that it is made specifically for bathrooms and I am a fan of the matte finish. The Regal Pearl has a sheen to it and unless your paint job is PERFECT, you will notice more of the imperfections. Either way you cannot go wrong!

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