You get a call from the contractor- your house has passed most of its inspections and is just about ready to be moved into. Unfortunately, the general upkeep of your house does not end!

There is always something that has to be taken care of and in this case a such task would be to seal the lines between your new marble slabs in the foyer. This, often referred to as grout, protects moisture from working its way under your tiles.

This post will review a number of grout sealers so you have a better idea how to choose the right sealer for your needs and discuss the best grout sealers of the year. Feel free to explore these options as they are available on Amazon as well as your local tile shop/fabricator

More Grout/Ceramic/Porcelain Sealer

This water based formula is made specifically for your natural stone/mosaic/ and concrete surfaces. Due to its water based formula, this sealer avoids the chemicals often used in other sealers. We used this on a natural stone countertop on a recent build using a spray bottle and sponge brush and it dried in about 5 minutes. This will have to be reapplied in 6 months time.

Homax Series 9324 22oz. Silicone Grout Sealer

This product is one of the easiest ones I’ve used and may be my best grout sealer of the year. It is very easy to spray and can seal shower ceramic very well. Just spray and be sure to wipe tile and you’re ready to go. According to the owner it seemed strong as ever after 6 months.

Miracle Sealants 511QT6511 Impregnator Sealer

Yes, you read that right. The Impregnator Sealer. This is applicable on a variety of areas such as porcelain, granite and marble. It works really well against stairs and is oil and water resistant. I used this on a recent renovation job in which grout lines had to be cleaned and it did not quite work as planned the first time. Likewise with all sealers I use, I tested it by spilling some water on it and it went straight through the top! It took 3 tries for it to become really strong but when it did it seemed very durable.

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